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N-Tour is the leading tour operator in Georgia, which operates charter flights to Turkey, Israel and Egypt and offers tour packages to 32 destinations (often under exclusivity arrangements for Turkey and Egypt). The company’s partner airline carriers are Georgian Airways and, from 2008, Turkish Airlines. N-Tour also acquired a 70% equity interest in Fresh Travel, a budget outgoing and incoming tour operator and travel agency, which also serves as a General Sales Agent of Arkia, an Israeli carrier, in Georgia.

In 2008, N-Tour established N-Tour Georgia LLC, a 100% owned subsidiary, which focuses on internal tourism. The newly founded company provides services to the institutional market (schools and universities, corporate clients, government and public agencies) and offers internal tourism packages to travel agencies.

As a part of the general plan to continue establishing or acquire subsidiaries in the neighbouring countries, in 2008 N-Tour also established NTA Ltd., a 70% owned subsidiary in Azerbaijan which intends to replicate N-Tour’s activities in Georgia.

N-Tour served 6,700 passengers, sold approximately 5,000 tour packages and operated 95 charter flights in 2007.

In mid 2008 LC acquired a 30% stake in N-tour with the goal of establishing a sizable footprint in the tourism and travel sector in Georgia in addition to the investment in JSC Intertour. LC intends to help the company broaden the product portfolio and diversify the markets served by establishing subsidiaries in the neighbouring countries and developing internal tourism in Georgia.