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JSC Populi is the leading supermarket and the largest food retail chain in Georgia.

Today Populi operates 40 supermarkets with total net selling space of 15,637 m2. Ten of the supermarkets are in the PopuliXL format, with total net selling space of 9,690 m2, 25 stores are in the neighbourhood store format and 5 in the PopuliExpress format. 34 stores are located in Tbilisi and six outlets are located outside the Capital. In addition, the Company operates an approximately 5,000 m2 central warehouse, capable to serve over 60 stores with a total selling space of 25,000 m2.

Prior to investment in the Company by LC in 2005, Populi represented a closely held family business with complex and non-transparent corporate structure. The Company’s assets made only 12 stores with 2,000 m2 net selling space. LC assisted Populi in restructuring the business, securing additional debt funding, revamping the financial reporting and arranging equity investments by institutional investors. Presently, 75% of the company shares are institutionally held, spread between five funds, with LC’s share amounting to 20%.

Populi has more than 300 international and local suppliers and employs over 1,000 people. The supermarkets of the Company offer a full range of food products from international producers, national specialties, fresh fruits and vegetables and bakery, as well as some non-food products.