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SB Real Estate (SBRE) was established in 2006 and is combining real estate investment with real estate development and property management. SBRE’s activities include investments in non-agricultural land, commercial and residential buildings, hotel chains, warehouses, other properties, as well as real estate development. The company’s goal is to provide investors with a balanced, diversified portfolio of multi-functional real estate assets throughout Georgia. SBRE has already obtained a considerable exposute to office blocks, warehouses, retail, hospitality and residential spaces, as well as plots of land both in Tbilisi and the regions of the country.


Currently, SBRE is undergoing the pre-IPO reorganization. The company intends to obtain a formal admission to trading on the Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE) in the near future. At the same time, SBRE has already completed its work with Bank of New York Mellon on facilitation of its GDR program. The company’s GDRs have been settled in Euroclear system under the following tickers CUSIP: 80586J102, ISIN: US80586J1025. The Bloomberg ticker for SBRE's GDRs is JSCBL US. The timing of the company’s IPO has not been fixed yet, and will depend on the state of the financial markets worldwide. The company believes that it will become the first real estate vehicle operating on the Georgian market with shares traded both locally and internationally.